Always on Sunday meets every Sunday, year round, from 6:45 to 9:45 PM at Temple Beth Torah, 130 Main Street, Wethersfield, CT, 06109. Click for directions.

Regular Dance Evenings

Most evenings we dance to recorded music. From 6:45 to 7:45, we walk through the dances. After 7:45, we present a good mix of dances: easy and difficult, fast and slow, circle and couple, Balkan and non-Balkan, talked-through and not talked-through.


Several times a year we dance to live music. These evenings attract a big crowd. People bring refreshments to share and we have a fine party. Our parties are alcohol-free, and attract families with children, as well as singles. Bands that have played for us include XOPO, Meraki, Zdravets, Gogofski, Kabile, Flying Tomatoes, Rakiya, Shining Moon, and Panharmonium, as well as local bands, Hijaz, Dunya/Druzina, the Vlado Mahovlich Orkestar, 9 Olives, Kumpania Aksak, and A Different Village. See this season's events calendar.


Among the guest teachers who have appeared at Always on Sunday in recent years are: Joe Graziosi (Greek), Andy Taylor-Blenis (International), Lee Otterholt (Balkan), Yves Moreau (Bulgarian), Paul Mulders (Macedonian), Cristian Florescu (Romanian), Daniela Ivanova (Bulgarian), Steve Kotansky (Balkan), Tineke van Geel (Armenian, Balkan, Dutch), David Millstone (English), and Michael Ginsburg (Balkan).


Always on Sunday welcomes new and experienced dancers alike. Partners are not required. On regular dance evenings, we request a donation of $8.50 per person (no charge for children under 16). You can also pay $75 in advance for 10 sessions. (If you choose this payment method, the 10 sessions can be at any time in the next 12-18 months; they do not need to be consecutive weeks.) For special events with guest teachers or live music, we request a $15 donation. Meet new people, have fun and exercise as you learn some dances.


Always on Sunday has been in operation since the 1970s. It was founded by the late Bert Dobkin and Lynn Levine. Beginning in 1994, the group functioned as a non-profit cooperative managed by a steering committee. In 2005, Always on Sunday was accepted by CDSS as an affiliated group. In 2006, Always on Sunday obtained non-profit status in the State of Connecticut, with official by-laws and a Board of Directors. Since 2009, Always on Sunday has been an organizational member of the National Folk Organization. Always on Sunday was originally based in West Hartford, CT but moved to Wethersfield, CT in September 2010.